Embody your presence and stretch your mind


Workshopfestival in Ansen (The Netherlands)

December, 16-18

mindful relationship
,coaching is based on relationship‘

According to Robert Dilts, effective coaching requires an emphasis on both task and relationship. Dilts identifies two forms of coaching – small ,c‘ and capital ,C‘ coaching. He sees small ,c‘ coaching as focused at the behavioral level of promoting conscious awareness of resources and abilities. He defines the competencies and skill set of capital ,C‘ coaching as caretaking, guiding, coaching, teaching, mentoring, sponsoring, and awakening. Relationship is crucial for Capital ,C‘ coaching.

In the workshop you will learn how to use mindfulness in order to explore the relationship between you and the other person. This may be useful in your daily life or your intimate partnership and very helpful in professional relationships between coach and client. You may discover yourself as a being which is connected to other beings.

Trainer: Volker Kalmbacher

Organization: Bureau Land